Much of the progress lies in the will to progress.


An expert in public and institutional relations with a qualified experience in the international field, he has developed a specific competence in networking and a strong propensity to consolidate and improve the image of its customers.

He holds a degree in Political Science and a Ph. D (PhD) in economic history, demography, institutions and society in the Mediterranean countries and has been a lecturer at various universities and author of numerous scientific publications.

He is a registered public relations journalist and public relations expert.
Over the years he has provided management and management consulting and has taken on various corporate positions with delegation in Italy and abroad.
He has gained a consolidated thirty-year experience in administration, management, control and institutional relations in diversified and transversal contexts both by sector of activity and by business dimension in Italy and abroad.
He advises on the management and development of activities, public and institutional relations, and assists and supports in all aspects related to extraordinary mergers and acquisitions.



"Aldo is a real Gentleman... and there are not enough words to describe what kind of business partner he is"


"I met Aldo during a work's days in New York.
The relational and managerial capacities of Aldo reach very high standards, as well as the ability to reach targets and attentions immediately.
A good business partner and a nice person"